Monday, August 25, 2008

not your mama's nursery rhymes!

Lately I've been feeling the heat from some well-meaning mama's for not going the "traditional" route and subjecting Lily (and myself!) to Elmo, Veggie Tales, etc. Let me be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these types of shows, in fact I know that they have great messages and teach "littles" about all sorts of good things.  I just find them annoying and not for Lily... or should I say, not for me!  (Get real parents, you know that if you don't somewhat enjoy what is on the screen, you aren't going to choose it for your kids to watch!)

In our house, Yo Gabba Gabba is the show to watch and always produces a smile on little Lil's face (and mine).  Not only is it colorful and fun, but it's only 30 minutes long and quickly changes from scene to scene so as not to become boring. I not only love that it encourages kids to get up and dance (something I'm sure Winnie the Pooh never does), but it also highlights music groups that we listen to on a regular basis.  It's especially cool because they are singing songs written for little ears.

I love that Lily is being exposed to all different types of music.  It's fun to watch her clap her hands and try to "sing" with Eddie Vedder, Mates of State, and The Beatles, while also knowing Jesus Loves Me and The Itsy Bitsy Spider too.  

All of these things will make her a more well-rounded child.. and that makes a mama happy! 

Here are some of favorites from Yo Gabba Gabba... and to close, Feist on Sesame Street!  Yeah!

I'm So Happy I Can Dance   by The Salteens

Family Tree  by Low

It's Okay, Try Again   by The Shins

1 2 3 4  by Feist


The Schmidts said...

Feel no shame for refusing to subject your child to Elmo.
She will thank you someday when she is smarter for it.
Tell those other mamas to shove off (unless one of them is me).

The Schmidts said...

BTW, the new video of choice in our home is Dumbo and vintage Spiderman (the real old ones from--boys are rad!)

the chickens' auntie said...

To each his own... I really liked 1234, though!

Anonymous said...

I WUUUUUV U!!!!!!!!!! my "nutsy" friend!!!! hee hee