Thursday, January 18, 2007

waiting for lily...

well, everything is ready to go. the bags have been packed, the nursery is finished... now we're just waiting for miss lily to arrive.

the doctor seems to think that i'll deliver a week or so early, which would mean any day now. according to him, i'm approximately 100% effaced, but as of last friday, was not yet dilated. hopefully, i'll get some good news tomorrow when i go back for my weekly appointment.

in the mean time, here are pictures of the finished nursery. i must say, it is by far the best room that i have ever decorated. it is the most calming and relaxing room that i've ever been in. both tom and i absolutely love it, and can't wait to bring her home to it.

hopefully, we'll have some good news to share of her arrival soon!

Monday, January 01, 2007

3 weeks? eek!

tom and i went to our scheduled 36 week appointment on friday, only to be told that things are moving so well along that we can probably expect Lily to arrive a week early! we had one last ultrasound, per our doctor's request, and found out that she is measuring little over 6 lbs. when she finally arrives she'll probably weigh around 8 lbs.

we are frantically finishing up on odds and ends now. packing our overnight bags, meeting with our doula, writing out a birth plan, etc etc. needless to say, we are both nervously anticipating what is going to be happening to our "family" in the next few weeks.

i think we're ready.... well... ready or not, here she comes!

last view before we see her in person!