Saturday, August 30, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

not your mama's nursery rhymes!

Lately I've been feeling the heat from some well-meaning mama's for not going the "traditional" route and subjecting Lily (and myself!) to Elmo, Veggie Tales, etc. Let me be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these types of shows, in fact I know that they have great messages and teach "littles" about all sorts of good things.  I just find them annoying and not for Lily... or should I say, not for me!  (Get real parents, you know that if you don't somewhat enjoy what is on the screen, you aren't going to choose it for your kids to watch!)

In our house, Yo Gabba Gabba is the show to watch and always produces a smile on little Lil's face (and mine).  Not only is it colorful and fun, but it's only 30 minutes long and quickly changes from scene to scene so as not to become boring. I not only love that it encourages kids to get up and dance (something I'm sure Winnie the Pooh never does), but it also highlights music groups that we listen to on a regular basis.  It's especially cool because they are singing songs written for little ears.

I love that Lily is being exposed to all different types of music.  It's fun to watch her clap her hands and try to "sing" with Eddie Vedder, Mates of State, and The Beatles, while also knowing Jesus Loves Me and The Itsy Bitsy Spider too.  

All of these things will make her a more well-rounded child.. and that makes a mama happy! 

Here are some of favorites from Yo Gabba Gabba... and to close, Feist on Sesame Street!  Yeah!

I'm So Happy I Can Dance   by The Salteens

Family Tree  by Low

It's Okay, Try Again   by The Shins

1 2 3 4  by Feist

Saturday, August 16, 2008

lily's big adventure

This past Thursday was a very eventful day in our home.  Not only was it Lily's first day at her "baby school" but it was also her first visit to the emergency room.

I am starting back to work this week and will be working two days a week.  While I am at work, Lily will be going to "Mom's Day Out" at a local church.  Anyway, her first day couldn't have gone any better.  Her teacher, Miss Luanda, said that she talked all day long (no surprise there) and didn't have any problem taking her nap on the mat (much much different from the crib she's used to).  

After I picked her up, we went home and were playing with Daddy in his office, when Lily tripped and split open her forehead.  We were all upset and covered in blood by the time we arrived at the children's hospital in downtown Orlando.  Luckily, we were able to get right in, and after getting stitched up by a plastic surgeon, we were back at home and resting.  Lily handled the whole situation much better than I did. :S

Lily is doing very well and doesn't seem to mind the bandages we put on her forehead.  We are going to be taking every precaution to minimize the scarring.  It's a good thing that Lily likes wearing hats, as her face won't be seeing the sun anytime soon!

Here are some pics from the first day of school and her hospital visit*. 

on our way to school!

When I dropped Lily off, she just said "bye" and continued playing.  I, on the other hand, didn't take it as well!

in the emergency room
after the procedure

resting with Daddy

(*for those of you who think I'm a total sicko for photographing my injured child,  I did it because I'm terrible at writing in her baby book and wanted to at least document it for the future... so there!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's a sad day in the neighborhood

Apparently, PBS has recently announced that they are pulling Mister Rogers Neighborhood from their daily syndicated lineup and instead will only show it to specific stations on weekends.  

Isn't this just sad?  I mean, I grew up loving this show.  I have been so excited for Lily to be introduced to all of the "neighbors" and to learn his sweet songs.  It's ironic that I just heard about this today, since I had previously been working on a post about children's music and television (check back for that one soon).  I can't imagine a more positive figure for young children than Mister Rogers.

If you are appalled like I am, check out this link for more info...

or email PBS and tell them how pissed you are to see such a wholesome show be taken off the air...

Friday, August 01, 2008

18 mos old!

Miss Lily is growing up fast!  Here are some miscellaneous pics of dress-ups, food, and fun.