Tuesday, November 14, 2006

tiny lily in 3D!

at my doctor's office, we are lucky enough to have one of the 3D ultrasound machines. for a fee, you can see a more defined view of your baby in utero starting at 28 weeks.

for my mom's birthday, she asked to have this done for me as her present from my dad. when we all went together, about two weeks ago, lily wasn't exactly cooperating. as you can see from the photo, she had her little arms and hands up near her face (looking like she was praying), so we were unable to get a clear shot of her features. the technician was wonderful and told me to come back in about two weeks and she'd scan me again for free!

this morning, my mom (who was back in town visiting while my dad was in business meetings) and i went back to the doctor to have the rescan. i'm so glad that we did! not only was it easier to see her little face, but we were able to get a very clear shot of her anatomy. needless to say, she's definitely a little girl! some of the best pictures and video are below.

i especially love the cheeks and lips!


wiping her eyes video

yawning video