Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's a sad day in the neighborhood

Apparently, PBS has recently announced that they are pulling Mister Rogers Neighborhood from their daily syndicated lineup and instead will only show it to specific stations on weekends.  

Isn't this just sad?  I mean, I grew up loving this show.  I have been so excited for Lily to be introduced to all of the "neighbors" and to learn his sweet songs.  It's ironic that I just heard about this today, since I had previously been working on a post about children's music and television (check back for that one soon).  I can't imagine a more positive figure for young children than Mister Rogers.

If you are appalled like I am, check out this link for more info...


or email PBS and tell them how pissed you are to see such a wholesome show be taken off the air...


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