Sunday, June 21, 2009


well, we made it!  we are finally back at our tiny house on penrose place.  lily is definitely a little bit confused, at times asking to "go home", but she is adjusting well.  she is at her happiest with the grandparents and little friends here, though she often asks for our friends back in orlando.  nana and papa's backyard and grandma's "farm" are major draws for her and have already provided hours of entertainment (which means a break for the parents!!).   

as for me and tom, we are also getting settled back into life here in cincinnati... hitting all of our favorite eateries almost daily!  tom keeps commenting on the beautiful landscaping in the neighborhood, and i have to admit, there are some beautiful old homes and gardens to envy.  i am sure that over time ours will be improved too ... though that will be not be any time soon!

unfortunately, we have been struck with a ton of bad luck lately.  a lightning strike at our house in orlando (the week before we left) knocked out several major appliances, tom's computer, our alarm system, and various other things.  we are still trying to recover from that, as well as deal with all of the new problems at our penrose house... busted pipe, ants, an unwelcome bat living on our back porch, electricity failures, and a variety of other problems!

however, despite everything that has happened, God is faithful and is continuing to provide for us.  we are anxious to finally get settled... me with a new job, and tom with his current work... and to get on with life!

here are a few new pics of lily enjoying this new phase of her life!

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the chickens' auntie said...

Thanks for the update and the great pictures! I'm so looking forward to seeing you all in July!