Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have totally become addicted to my new MacBook.. and especially to the iMovie and iDVD programs. If you've already watched the videos on my previous posts you'll understand what I'm talking about! Since I'm not into scrapbooking I've decided to try and make a hard bound book and dvd for each year of my kids' lives.  Having a Mac makes this so much easier!  The programs are so easy to use that even an average girl like me can make something to be proud of.  If you want to see a true professional video though, you should check out my nephew, Lincoln's videos that his Daddy makes him.  A w e s o m e !    

Anyway, I had a blast working on both for Lily's first year... and have already begun her Year Two video.  I recently found some awesome music and can't wait to have more video clips/images to make more.  I'm such a nerd, that I've also picked out music for my next kid....no, I'm not preggers...  just looking to the future is all. :) Whoever we get next will have the sweet song "One Day, Two Days, Three Days Old" by one of my new favs Elizabeth Mitchell.  My family will be impressed that it's not an Elliott Smith song!

So here are images of her dvd and book.  I won't be posting the videos on this blog, so if you're interested in seeing the dvd, let me know.

(the chapters of the videos are actually song titles used)

book cover

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the chickens' auntie said...

Well, I guess if I can already buy the backing for your next baby's quilt and mentally pick out the patterns, you can choose the music for that baby's videos! Nerdiness obviously runs in the family.

Love from Lily's nerd auntie