Sunday, January 20, 2008

playing catch-up

Due to all of the bad stuff that we had to deal with to close out 2007,  I haven't had the chance to update Lily's blog.  It is one of my goals for 2008 to update again on a regular basis.

Anyway, despite all of the craziness, Christmas was a lot of fun.  It was nice to see our families and some of our friends.  We really enjoyed watching Lily try to open up presents.  She is such a joy to have and is getting bigger everyday.

Lily's first birthday is quickly approaching, and we are busy making plans to travel to Cincy for a party, as well as another party here in Orlando.  Check back for pics of those events in February.

Recently, our friends, Betsy and Lydia,  came for a visit with us.  It was our first annual "Girl's Weekend" and it was a blast!  Lily really took to Lydia and it was so much fun to watch the two of them interact.

Well, that's all for now.  If you'd like to see pictures from our recent events, click on the titles below.

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Young & Learning said...

i found your blog looking for fleur de lis tattoo images. not sure if it was your a friend/family who had the tattoo. but im also from florida and your daughter is adorable! best of luck in raising her; my mom is waiting for a grandchild from my sister and just the idea makes me nervous :)