Monday, January 01, 2007

3 weeks? eek!

tom and i went to our scheduled 36 week appointment on friday, only to be told that things are moving so well along that we can probably expect Lily to arrive a week early! we had one last ultrasound, per our doctor's request, and found out that she is measuring little over 6 lbs. when she finally arrives she'll probably weigh around 8 lbs.

we are frantically finishing up on odds and ends now. packing our overnight bags, meeting with our doula, writing out a birth plan, etc etc. needless to say, we are both nervously anticipating what is going to be happening to our "family" in the next few weeks.

i think we're ready.... well... ready or not, here she comes!

last view before we see her in person!


Charlie said...

I am excited to be a Cuncle! It's going to be fun!

Auntie Jenn said...

Belly Kisses to sweet Lily bean! I can't wait to meet you.