Sunday, August 20, 2006

4 months

since the next several months are going to be crazy, and because we had a free afternoon for once, we decided to go ahead and register for our baby things today. if you'd like, you can check out what we think we'll "need" at target and babies "r" us.

here's also a picture of me while making dinner this evening. don't i look exhausted? ugh.

something's cookin'... in my stomach as well as on the stove!

by the way, we should find out what's really cookin' on September 15th ... a Jackson or a Lily ... fingers crossed!


DonB87 said...

you look beautiful - Wigglebottom & Franklin are going to have a brother/sister!!!!

Schmitty3 said...

Cute and domestic, what a combo! You're not barefoot in this pic are you? Give that little tummy a rub from Auntie Jenn.